Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Round Matchups

Hey guys, I meant to have these up earlier, but I got swept up in the holiday out of town with all the rug-rats.  These scores are from about 5:45 on 11/30.  Hopefully it will help you know where you stand.

I Am Your Father vs Proehlific

Catch me if you Cam vs Kony Island

RustyNail vs Free Gordon 

 Not so Lazy Susans vs Cool Hand Lukes

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The C3 Playoff Bracket is Out

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

C3FF "The Big Game" Playoff Teams are in!

Hey folks, once again it's your goofy Commissioner, "First and" Ken of and I'm bringing you the 12 of 48 teams that climbed that first big hurdle and made it to the first annual C3FF league playoffs!

But first, I wanted to share with you exactly HOW razor-thin some of these margins can be. One TD, one penalty, one dropped pass one player missing part of one game....any of these things actually CAN and often DO make the difference in your FFL team making the playoffs and sitting at home - I'm a case in point.

Two weeks ago, I lost my matchup to team Ron Top of the World by 4.2 FP. That's the equivalent of a QB tossing a 5-yard TD pass - 4 FP for the TD pass and 0.2 for 5 yards. That's it. If Ahmad Bradshaw hadn't broken his foot and left the game early, he likely would have scored more than the 4.5 FP he scored in the first half. 

I'm not sitting here making excuses as to why I didn't win my league. All teams have to deal with the same issues at some point or other. With the head-to-head format, match-ups matter and I'm trying to illustrate how and why details and due diligence matter. 

Had any one of the "breaks" (no pun intended, Ahmad) gone my way that week, however, I'd have been the WC winner because I'd have won the tiebreaker. I also had the top-scoring team in my division which would have put me in first place in a points-only league, but we don't like those because it's nearly impossible to catch up those last couple of weeks and it's an anti-climactic format.

I simply want to impress upon any owners who might be a little down for not making the playoffs this year. Remember - only 1 team in 4 makes it, and the point I made above is just your Beloved Commish's way of passing along my own league's experience to the rest of you. That's why you #KeepPounding in both the NFL and in FFL games. You work hard, do your research (film study in the NFL's case), put your best guys out there to start the game and let the chips fall where they may.

If you're ever in a league where you need to put together a few wins towards the end just to have a chance, play each game as if it were your last. You never know when it'll be YOUR turn to get a hot team with a number of guys getting hot at the same time and making YOUR team nearly unstoppable. I had that happen in mid-season when I out-scored all 47 teams in 2 of 3 weeks, and had the second-highest total that 3rd week.

If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone! 

That said, I and everyone here at C-Cubed wanted to thank everyone for participating, we hope to see you next season, and don't forget to keep putting your lineups in - we DO have the "consolation round" to go!

C3FF Playoff teams:

Rucker division winners: Catch Me if you Cam, the fig newtons. WC is Kony Island

Muhammed division winners: Homey the Clowney's, I am Your Father. WC: Proehlific

Minter division winners: Not so Lazy Susans, Show Me Your TDs. WC: Free Gordon (via 4-0 division record - No HTH game involved so it went to the 2nd tiebreaker here)

Mills division winners: @Keep Pounding, RustyNails. WC: Cool Hand Lukes

Enjoy the playoffs, folks! At least I don't have to do any work on my FFL team for the Thanksgiving Day games!

 - The Commish

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

C3FF Week 12 Fantasy Wrap-Up

Monday Night Football - gotta love it or hate it for Fantasy Football.

As things turned out, Both myself and my opponent had "down" weeks and my team sitting Antonio Brown for his bye week didn't help. However, I needed about 14 from my one MNF player to win the match-up.

That one guy was a healthy Jimmy Graham, who had 19.7 FP when all was said and done. The Saints certainly seemed to do their best early to not give him any chances, running the ball (and failing) 4 consecutive times against the Ravens' run-stuffing defense. I guess Sean Payton isn't the "genius" we all thought he was, huh?

I had picked up Jonas Gray after his 4-TD performance the previous week, and stupidly started him. I had heard something about him oversleeping for a team meeting and I should have known Bill Belichick was going to put him in the doghouse, but have been very busy lately and I didn't make the FFL connection. Kenny Britt had a TD....that was called back. And with Arian Foster out and starting his back-up in Alfred Blue, I knew it would be a tough week to win but the FFL gods smiled upon me for a 109-104 victory. I'll take it.

Okay - now to the fun stuff. Actually, it has to do with a play made on Sunday night....I think most of you know what I'm talking about.

Odell Beckham, Jr.

I don't think I've ever seen social media light up the way it did in the immediate aftermath of "The Snare" that Beckham made with 3 fingers for a TD in a losing effort against the Cowboys. Many are saying it's the best-ever NFL catch. While it certainly wasn't made in a big game like a Super Bowl where ANOTHER Giant catch rules...."The Helmet Catch" by David Tyree. So while the Giants may be having problems, Head Coach Tom Coughlin was the single common denominator....oh, along with Eli Manning's random throws of course!

Trivia: I bet you didn't know "The Helmet Catch" was Tyree's final NFL reception.

Fantasy prize winner of the week is.....@aidendrakesdad!! Congrats to the Twitter-handle team for being the ONLY FFL team GM to have the smarts to start the RAMS defense, who scored a league-high 24 FP this week! I say kudos to him for having the brains to make that call - you deserve this week's prize!

Here are the standings after the Week 12 games:

League Rucker:

League Muhammed:

League Minter:

League Mills:

 Thanks to all for a GREAT first season of C3 fantasy football! We will hopefully have many, many more to come!

 - The Commish

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

C3FF Week 11 Fantasy Wrap-up

Hello once again sports fans! Week 11 was a strange one, and certainly disappointing for us Panthers fans. Unfortunately, that's been the rule rather than the exception this season.

Yours truly had a similar experience in the C3FFL this past week. I thought I was gonna be a sure loser, rallied, and couldn't quite make up the difference as Ahmad Bradshaw broke his foot...then again, my opponent, Ron Top of the World, left Percy Harvin in on his bye week. Even his bench scored more than double my bench, and I lost 99-95.

Oh well, it happens. Kudos to team RTW for winning a very close matchup!

As for the contest winner for most total yardage, that honor goes to team ImRonBurgandy of league Muhammed with 1003 total yards! Just for giggles, I looked at my own team. Since I have Tom Brady, who did very little other than hand the ball off last week to Jonas Gray, I had a measly 594 total yards so I knew I wasn't in the running. Congrats, Ron! I'm sure you have something bizarrely inappropriate to say about it! :)

Remember, set your lineups before Thursday night. We're going down to the wire and here are the updated league standings:

League Rucker:

League Muhammed:

League Minter:

League Mills:

 - The Commish

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

C3FF Fantasy Wrap-up Week 10

All good things must come to an end, and that's what happened to yours truly yesterday. I had half my team on the bench due to bye weeks (Brady, Foster, and A. Bradshaw) and had to start 2 TEs in Jimmy Graham and Travis Kelce just to have a valid roster. I still managed 123 FP, helped greatly by the Panthers' complete ineptitude on offense last night.

It's usually a poor showing when a defense is your top scorer, and I started the Philadelphia Eagles with their opportunistic defense against the Panthers. I had to start Joe Slacko during Brady's bye week and Slacko only had 11 FP for me. Hey, that's why he's a back-up. But the Eagles' D put up 36 FP for me...."holy shaving cream, Batman!" I know - surprised me too, but I felt so strongly a ball-hawking defense against our completely inept offense could really rack up FP, and I was right. They just couldn't get the 6 TDs and 15 sacks I needed to win my overall match-up!

Well, last night team Catch Me if you Cam couldn't be caught. I still had the 5th-highest FP total in my league despite my bye-week blues, but Catch Me if you Cam had his full complement including Peyton Manning, DeMarco Murray, Dez Brant and Brandon Marshall. Kudos to CMiyC in leading League Rucker with 168.3 FP last week - well done! Too bad you couldn't come up with an original name (there's another team with the same name in League Mills), but it's all about the fantasy points. You could have the coolest and most original name, but if you're in last place by this point, your name is Mudd - the doctor who cared for John Wilkes Booth's broken leg he suffered after assassinating President Lincoln. Yep, that's where the saying comes from.

This week's contest isn't about who did so well but rather who had the least-productive fantasy team out of all the "lower 48." Who might THAT be?

That distinction of futility goes to team 4JHustle in League Minter. From the looks of things, he was actively trying to get this award since he didn't bother to switch out DeSean Jackson OR Reggie Wayne who are on bye weeks.

Ooookaaaay then. I guess it just goes to show you CAN SUCK if you really want to. That's's winning and scoring lots of fantasy points that is the hard part! At least he'll have a prize to show for it! I'm not sure if congrats or condolences are in order, but this week's prize is yours.

League Rucker:

League Muhammed:

League Minter:

League Mills:

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

C3FF Fantasy Wrap up: Week 9

Well, well, well. Week nine was a bit bizarre in its own way as most NFL weeks are. Denver flattened in Foxboro. Dolphins drain Chargers. And the Arizona Cardinals are for REAL, folks....

....and so is your Commish. Yes, once again, I turned in the Rucker League's highest score with 156.82 FP, not too far off the pace of the best score for the week. That honor goes to Boomshockalocka in the Minter League with 162.82 FP for the week.

You slackers are getting a bit better with things - I didn't score the most FP for the 3rd time in 4 weeks - I was second. However, that will change radically this coming week as I have the great honor of benching Tom Brady, Arian Foster, and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Yeah....I have to start my backup QB in Joe Slacko. Wunnerful.

Oh well, the ride was fun while it lasted. 1,239 FP so far, leading all 48 teams in FP scored. Wow. And I should add another 50 to that next week, ha!

This week's contest is the Primetime Blowout - Largest margin of victory. That honor goes to team Proehlific in the Muhammed league. Proehlific defeated a bungling Toldozer squad, 154.06-69.22 for a MOV of 84.84 FP. That's way more than double what his opponent even scored! Well done, Proehlific! I'm sure you, the FFL GM, weren't sweating your chances this week!

Here are the week nine standings for all leagues:

League Rucker:

 League Muhammed:
 League Minter:
 League Mills: