Friday, October 31, 2014

Backup Week 8 Prize Winner IS.....

....Gano When to Foles Em from League Rucker for scoring 53.04 FP on Thursday Night Football! Congrats to Gano......

They also happen to be my opponent this week but it looks like he was going for the short-term car flag prize, as he's 3-5 and in last place in the division. Can't really blame him for trying to win SOMETHING! Well done!

Gano...... started, well, Graham Gano (4 FP last night), Kelvin Benjamin (2.8 FP), Cam Newton (13.74 FP), and his star for the week so far is Mark Ingram (32.5 FP). I managed to keep pace somewhat, with only one player going (Jimmy Graham) and tallying 17.8 FP.

So congrats again to Gano When to Foles Em in the Rucker League! I don't think Mel Mayock ever got the flags sent to him, so we'll make sure the car flags get sent your way.

Gotta give kudos to Mediocre Mel for making this possible. Without his mediocrity, the week's prize would have gone to someone else who probably wouldn't have been so kind as to put it back in the "kitty" there for another GM.


 - The Commish

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

C3FF Fantasy Wrap Up: Week Eight

You guys....I swear. I am dealing with a bunch of SLACKERS anymore!

You "other 47" teams have let Your Commissioner outscore each and every one of you for the second time in three weeks!

Slackers I say! Just think of the bald-headed school guy from "Back to the Future." Slackers!

Indeed, the Carolina Rifles had 212.16 FP this week. Read the points and CRY, folks! :)

The second place guy was 212.06, so it isn't like I obliterated the entire field. Just almost the entire field. Oh - I am now in first place in my division after tiebreakers of points scored.1,082.78...only team Show Me Your TDs in league Minter is higher over the entire season. Tough division too with 4 teams at 5-3, one at 4-4, and the last place one is at 3-5.

Okay, enough of my trash talking. Hey, I earned the right with my team's recent performance. Tom Brady, Arian Foster, and Antonio Brown haven't hurt. An no Tony Romo to fumble the game away!

Anyhow - to the point. This week is the "Even Steven" Award to the team that scored the 24th most fantasy points last week. At least I know I didn't win this week's prize. Who did?

Team "Where'dOurMonstersGo?" won the Humdrum slot of the week, finishing 24th overall in FP scored with 123.86, and that would be our own Mel Mayock of CarolinaCatChronicles! Oh, this is great too. Not only can I yank his chain about being the "most mediocre team," he'll have the prize to prove it. I feel a fit of the giggles coming on a la Mel's last podcast appearance.

I have to admit, while doing the actual calculation wasn't difficult, it was a little eye-crossing looking at all the close scores and decimals. A quick note on the methodology I used:

What I did was eliminated the highest scorers first, so I started with MYSELF, ha! I worked backwards until I hit 16 teams, then the scores started to bundle around the center of that Bell curve, so I worked backwards in the 140s, then the 130s, and when I hit the 120s, I saw that THAT was the area where the needle would get hit. So, I started with the highest in the 120s and counted in descending order to find the 24th highest score. Since the game lists each team's weekly scores in the left-hand column, all I had to do was open 4 browsers, set one for each league, and compare.

Since "Mel" is a member of C-Cubed, I triple checked to make sure he is the righteous winner, and he is. I re-checked by counting the number of each teams scoring MORE than 123.86 in each league and that answer was 23, verifying the calculation as correct.

As usual, I'm posting the update overall team standings below:

League Rucker:

League Muhammed:

League Minter:

League Mills:

Mel's never going to hear the end of this one.

 - The Commish

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

C3 Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week Seven

Well, the Panthers have managed to be .500 with an odd number of games played. With the way the rest of the NFC South is playing, I'm thinking 7-7-2 could win this division.

Whatevah! I say that because Stah Set the Bah wins this week's C-Cubed fantasy football prize for Most Yards Passing. Four teams started Andrew Luck who led the NFL in passing for the week with 344 yards.

However, the tiebreaker is FP scored, and Stah Set the Bah quite high with 158.56 for the week, greatly out-distancing the second-place team who had 117 FP.

But I GOTTA give a shout-out to Where'dOurMonstersGo in League Mills. He led the C3 FFL in total FP scored last week with 170.66! That is TORCHIN' folks!

It also happens to be the second consecutive week one of the crew here at has led the entire 48-team field in fantasy points scored. Last week, it was yours truly with 186.24 and this week it's our own Mel Mayock with the 170+.

The rest of you folks gotta get on the ball! You're letting Mel and myself put the SMACKDOWN on you recently, and fantasy football isn't about how you start, it's about how you finish in the playoffs.

Maybe we need to make a prize for any team that out-scores either Mel or myself, whoever had the better score between us? I'll reach into my own personal money and offer not a case, but a pack of Ramen Noodles....

My own week came down to Monday night as my opponent had about a 2 or 3-point lead heading into last night, but I wasn't worried. His kicker, Shane Suisham, had yet to play, but I had both Arian Foster and Antonio Brown going and they were the offensive stars of their relative teams last night. Besides, if I can't beat a kicker with my top WR and top RB, I don't deserve to win. But I pulled away to win fairly comfortably, 131-112. Antonio Brown's TD pass didn't hurt, either.

Now that the housekeeping is taken care of, here are the current league standings:

Hang in there, everyone...still time to make moves and improve your team! Oh, btw, congrats to 13 Degrees of Kelvin Benjamin for her first C3 FFL victory last week! No Detroit Lions jokes in THIS league this year now! Team "I'm Ron Burgandy" is playing like his namesake might, so there's SOME justice in that. Come on, Ron, win one for yourself and FORGET the "Gipper!" ;)

- The Commish

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

C3 Trade Deadline Approaching!

Hey folks,

As this is our first season doing a fantasy league and it's my own first experience with, I didn't see where I could set a trade deadline on the league page so I'm just going to post this so there will be a public record of it for all to see.

The league trade deadline is going to be in the middle of WEEK NINE (9) - NO trades may be initiated after midnight on Wednesday, October 28th - two weeks from today.

The trade deadline is so that teams can't take advantage of knowing/not knowing they'll make the playoffs and load up/fire sale their teams. I doubt that would occur in this league, but this is one way to help to ensure that and let everyone know across the board that any trades initiated after this time will be automatically voided by me - NO EXCEPTIONS!

This doesn't mean you can't still work the Waiver Wire, however. That part is good all season long.

If you want or need to make roster moves by then, you might want to go ahead and think about the specifics so you and the other party can figure things out and make the trade(s) you want to make before the deadline.

Enter a trade on Tuesday, October 27th at 11:59 pm? You're good to go.

Enter a trade on Wednesday, October 28th at 12:00 am? I put the kibosh on it.

That's all for now, and everyone have fun!

 - The Commish

C3 Fantasy Wrap-Up Week 6

Hey again ladies and germs, another week is in the books. Hard to believe we're a THIRD of the way through the NFL's regular season already, isn't it? The Panthers kissed their sister this weekend and did so a stomach-churning 37 times. I would understand, but only if we were in West Virginia.

Anyhow, let's take a glance at the league standings and our contest winner for the week. Just to remind people, this week the contest was for "smallest margin of victory," but first let's see which team had the top score for the week.

Oh! That's right....*I* was the top scorer this week! Well, congrats to ME, NYAHH!!! Team Carolina Rifles fired off quite a volley last week, scoring a whopping 186.24 FP - and achieving a 100%/fully "optimum" scoring week. This means everyone I started was the highest-possible scorer for that slot. Of course, half my bench was on a BYE week, so that helped, but when you score 186 FP you're doing something right!

Tom Brady, Arian Foster, Branden Oliver, Mohamed Sanu, and the Philadelphia Eagles defense all had at least 24 FP - each - while Ahmad Bradshaw and Antonio Brown each turned in a hair over 15 FP. That's a potent week, but all it did in the end was help me keep the pace, still 2 games back from the division leader at 3-3.

Yeah, I mention this all to toot my OWN horn a bit - how often will any given team lead 48 total teams in scoring in a week? It's pretty rare.

The OTHER reason I mention it is to point to a guy named Branden Oliver. He's yet another example of a mid-season pick-up that can really make a big difference for you. Oliver, a rookie UFA, is filling in for perennial fantasy dud Ryan Matthews at RB while Matthews recovers from injury and Danny Woodhead is gone for the year.

You see, once again, I want to prove how having even kind of a BAD draft doesn't mean doom and gloom, or if you get several stars injured, scour that waiver wire. SOMEONE has to replace their production, and it's not always as murky as the receiver situation in Cleveland. Ryan's hurt, Woodhead's hurt, Oliver was the next batter up. Mix in a rookie with really too many skills not to have been drafted with a hot, rising San Diego "Supa" Chargers team, and the results are an explosion of fantasy points.

As more and more injuries occur, keeping current on a fluid personnel situation and claiming the "next man up" on waivers can really be fantasy gold. Oliver scored 26.6 FP for me last week, a total surpassed by few other backs. Arian Foster was one, however, with 32.6.

The points are out there - it's just a matter of you being alert enough to find them. Here are the current league standings...and my apologies for not including them last week:

There were a LOT of close contests this week. Several games were decided by just a few fantasy points. Sure, I won MY match-up by over a hundred points this week, but some of you had to have been pulling your hair out all the way down to the wire this week. Without further ado, the winner of this week's "Close but no Cigar" contest is.....

....I Am Your Father from League Muhammed! I Am Your Father schooled Stah Set The Bah, squeaking out a 119.08-118.3 win, a 0.78 margin of victory! Congrats to I Am Your Father! Sheesh I kinda feel like I know what it's like to live in Bwahston now....

 - The Commish

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

C-Cubed Fantasy Wrap up Week Five

Every week brings a few surprise FFL stars, and week five was no different. It's utterly amazing to me to be mentioning Tom Brady as a pleasant fantasy surprise, but it has taken the New England offense this long to get into gear. Naturally, I have him on my fantasy team and sat him in favor of Joe Flacco, who had less than half Tom's FP.