Monday, December 22, 2014

Not So Lazy Susans have the Title to Lose Tonight!

Well, hello everybody! We're one player's game away from completing the first annual fantasy league, and the Not So Lazy Susans are in the driver's seat to win it all!

She only has to overcome the possibility of a completely horrendous game from CJ Anderson, Denver's newly-found muscle back. 

After getting out to a big lead, team Homey the Clowneys really roared back, closing a 30-point deficit down to only 6 fantasy points when all was said and done. The injury to DeMarco Murray is likely what soiled the Clown's funnypants, as his broken hand limited his effectiveness to 58 yards and a TD. Since the Cowboys had a huge lead at halftime, they were able to let Murray rest for the final week of play during the second half.

As it sits now, Susans have a 135.66 - 129.38 lead over the Homeboyz while the Susans await tonight's MNF game. C.J. Anderson would have to fumble multiple times and get like 2 yards or something for her to lose, so unless something completely insane happens, it looks like Not So Lazy Susans will win the match-up.

All Anderson has to do is score more than -6.28 FP tonight and she wins the whole thing.

I don't see him fumbling her title away even if he has a bad game, but this IS the NFL so I wouldn't celebrate until it's all over, but for all practical purposes, we'll all know how things are going to pan out fairly early into the game.

One decent run by Anderson should put it away nicely, or even a last-minute turf toe that keeps him out of the game would be welcome by the 'Susans, I'm sure! 

It might seem a bit anti-climactic but it wasn't that way last night with her lead all but evaporating and when the Buffalo Bills TE, Scott Chandler, caught a TD pass in that struggling offense, all Homeys needed at that point was one more score from either him or Murray. Sadly for him, it was not to be...but kudos to Homeys for making the finals a virtual nail-biter!

The official announcement will be made when the games are ALL in the books and those books are completely closed.

 - The Commish

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