Tuesday, December 23, 2014

C3FF Championship Week: Not So Lazy Susans Wins the Title!

Huge congratulations to team Not So Lazy Susans of the Minter league as our first annual C3FF Champion! She defeated team Homey the Clowneys 163.06 - 129.38 and had a nice 6-point cushion heading into Monday Night Football and one player remaining to play.

In perhaps the only time ever that a fantasy GM would actually want a player to sit OUT, Denver RB C.J. Anderson failed to lose yardage and fumble multiple times to surrender 6.5 FP needed for her to back out of a win, but that didn't stop me from pointing out the possibilities!

But all in all I was just having a little fun with her since the odds of her losing after Sunday's action were tiny, but the scoring towards the end of Sunday saw her 30-point lead quickly shrink to six where it found a settlement spot Sunday night.

The apparent swing in the balance of power came when DeMarco Murray broke his hand and was limited in action against Philadelphia. Had he been healthy, it would have made things on Monday Night Football quite a bit more exciting with Anderson's performance actually mattering.

However, it didn't come down to that but what's even more incredible about her victory over a 48-team mega-league is that she had to go through 3 fantasy quarterbacks, finishing with using Mark Sanchez of all people. A shrewd observer of fantasy football might notice that some QBs are better for their team on the field while others are better fantasy QBs than they are in actual games. Sanchez and until this past week, Jay Cutler fit squarely into this narrative.

Whatever the case, NSLS used Sanchez to win the title along with solid contributions from other players. I bet some of you are really wondering whom she had; well, here's a list:

As you can see, C.J. Anderson was no "threat" to have a poor outing and in fact wound up leading her entire team in scoring. Sanchez was second, and now longtime (for football) Packers WR Jordy Nelson was third on the day for the NSLS squad.

She had kind of an interesting mix of players to carry her to victory. Zach Ertz and Shane Vereen aren't names you see in fantasy leagues real often but Ertz especially had a nice week, scoring her 21 FP at the TE position. That, folks, is STRONG!

Being "Not So Lazy" here, she somehow got a rather non-scary-on-the-outside FFL team to outscore her opponent each week of the playoffs and that's the definition of victory....not having LAST year's top five scorers on your roster necessarily but it's obvious to me that she kept that waiver wire held close, and that likely is what really kept her talent "lively and timely" enough to get the job done each week.

Seriously, would most people have figured a Mark Sanchez-led team should win a FFL title? Probably not, but it just goes to show the different nature of FFL scoring vs. on-field NFL winning. The Whirly Girls here may have used a methodical approach without much in the form of glamour players; she won with the steak, not the sizzle.

At any rate, Not So Lazy Susans takes home the big prize of the year - the signed Kelvin Benjamin Jersey! At some point in the VERY near future, we hope to have her on the C3 podcast - goodness knows I have some questions for her!

For you other 46 GMs who lost along with me...I hope to see you all again next year and #KeepPounding

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