Wednesday, December 10, 2014

C3FF League Playoffs Round Deux

Hello, sports fans! Did ya miss me?

Eh, probably not all that much. I'm an old man (47) going to school and had my first final exam week in ages, so the staff here at CarolinaCatChronicles has been pitching in to help with getting the playoffs seeded and all the behind-the-scenes stuff one has to do to run a website.

That's my excuse for just missing out on the playoffs and I'm sticking to it. I probably could have fielded a slightly better squad especially towards the end, but life has priorities and besides, it's fun to see fans enjoying things and one will win that signed Kelvin Benjamin jersey! WOOT! Now THAT is a kickderriere prize if I may say so!

Let's take a look at the matchups we have going on:

First, We have @Keep_Pounding (League Mills) vs. the Not So Lazy Susans (League Minter.)

Considering the NFL games last week, I'd say both teams are well-named. Unfortunately, 'Pounding has Cam Newton as his starting QB and we all know by now what has taken place. A FFL post isn't the place to get into it very much, but suffice it to say Cam was very unlucky to get in such a bad accident - his vehicle flipped 3 or 4 times according to witnesses - but he is VERY lucky to come out of it with "only" a couple of cracked bones. I'm sure he had on his seat belt so everyone take heed of his experience going forward.

As for this match-up, it's unfortunate that @Keep_Pounding doesn't carry a backup QB, which I find a bit surprising considering Cam's questionable health all year. Even I held on to Joe Slacco after Brady Boy's bye week, but it is what it is. He'll have to beat a very strong Not So Lazy Susans with a Waiver-Wire QB.

Next up, we have team Show Me Your TDs (League Minter) vs. Rusty Nails (League Mills.) Let's all hope 'TDs' Tetanus shot is up to date or he could get Lockjaw. At least, that's what I heard when I was a kid.

At any rate, 'Nails' guys seem to be going up against a TON of mediocre teams this week, and that could well give him an edge against 'TDs who goes up against teams like Denver, Seattle and Philly. Anything can happen though, so we'll see.

Next up are Fig Newtons (League Rucker) and I am Your Father (League Muhammed).

I personally think the Fig Newtons are the team to beat as he has torn UP League Rucker and is on a 12-game winning streak featuring the likes of Le'Veon Bell, Jamaal Charles, Rob Gronkowski, T.Y. Hilton, and even Jay Cutler who is a much better FFL QB than on-field QB.

The answer to "Hoosier Daddy?" has Peyton Manning, however, and we should all know he's capable of a 50-point fantasy outing at any given time, so this should be a very interesting contest but I think the Apple Noggins have too much depth of talent with all the names I mentioned for 'Father to outscore.

Finally, we have Kony Island (League Rucker) vs. Homey the Clowney (League Muhammed.)

I gotta say Kony Island is a tough team. He is in my division in League Rucker and a thorn in my side more than any other team. His team seems so diverse that when one guy tanks someone else takes up the slack and those on Gilligan's Island actually don't seem to have bad weeks...just good ones and great ones, so watch out for this guy!

It will probably come down to how Big Ben, DeMarco Murray, and Eddie Lacy do. That's Homey's "Triplets." All 3 of those fellows are playing on the road this week and Lacy faces a stout Buffalo Bills defense. The Pack is certainly used to playing in cold weather, however, and Lacy could see carries in the 2nd half to shorten the game while the Pack is up 3 TDs or something. I think Kony Island takes this one just because of the way the matchups fall.

Hmm, it would appear that the Commish may not be so "partial" after all - I've got both my Rucker league opponents advancing and Fig Newtons picked to win it all. Familiarity in this game doesn't breed contempt, but rather a lot of respect. Plus, I picked "fruit and cake" to win everything. So just keep that in mind.

Commish's Picks:

Not So Lazy Susans over @Keep_Pounding

Rusty Nails over Show Me Your TDs

Fig Newtons over I Am Your Father

Kony Island over Homey the Clowney

You winners that I chose are now officially jinxed.

 - The Commish


  1. Commish - I think you are off by a week - those are the games we completed last week.

  2. Yep posted old draft I'll get to this week's one tomorrow morning. Thanks, no biggie so long as I post it before the Thursday game, thanks.Trying to get caught up myself after finals! :)